Sensational chef Hilda Baci and actress Idia Aisien not only made an impeccable fashion statement at the High Tea with BellaNaija Style, they also dropped amazing insights during their keynote session, moderated by BellaNaija‘s Chief of Staff/Head of Strategy Mary Edoro.

Hilda shared her thoughts on the importance of collaboration and why it is an effective tool to engage on one’s journey to success.

I practice collaboration in almost every aspect of my life. The cook-a-thon, one of the biggest things I am known for, was predominantly a woman-centric team. It was filled with amazing women and we didn’t just stop there, I have maintained that relationship and continued with it.

I will also speak about the importance of collaboration and the need to appreciate the people involved while at it because, in all honesty, you can’t do it alone. You should be okay with sharing the spotlight and giving credit where credit is due.

Also,  be willing to acknowledge the beautiful things that are done for you. These people may not necessarily be tied to your success, but they contributed to taking you to your success.


Idia Aisien also shared insights on the role audaciousness played in her corporate world journey.

I don’t care who is better than me, I am more concerned about how it is beneficial for me and what is in it for me


The ladies also gave profound tips for maintaining authenticity in the digital and social space. Check it out below:

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