Ponytails are evergreen hairstyles that women of all ages love. It is also one of the most versatile hairdos out there. However, one of the hardest to pull off has to be the sleek ponytail just like those found on magazine covers. As you’ll soon see in the video below, Eni Popoola shows us how she achieves the perfect ponytail.

On her Instagram she shared:

Trigger warning there is heat involved 😅 but at this point YOLO. My hair was already blown out after getting my microlinks removed (we’ll talk about that another time soon) so I took the opportunity to try something new.

If you do this on pressed natural hair and want it to be as sleek as possible DO NOT use a water based gel (like eco styler for example) because it will revert your hair and make it curly—it’ll still be sleek but just a different kind of sleek and you’ll have to tie the hair down with a scarf to set it. Using a pomade like Murray’s beeswax or Dax wave and groom avoids that issue but I do heat it up with a blow dryer to avoid to melt away the look of a white residue.

So I say this is a good hairstyle option for the end of a silk press. Style and technique inspired by @tianashannell —
There is no glue or sewing involved with this style. l didn’t do a good job of showing how I wrapped the bundle around my pony because it was a struggle to film lol but I will link the tutorial of hers that I followed in my Stories and add it to my hair story highlight. As for the hair used it wasn’t anything specific. It was 15 dollar pack bundles I found at my local beauty supple in the color 2. Anything really would do!!