What a whirlwind week it has been over here at the BN Style HQ! From our amazing junior editor Mary Edoro moderating a very successful and enlightening panel at Social Media Week to us keeping up with what all our favorite style stars have been getting up to and giving you the regular and expected premium style reportage, the team is most definitely looking forward to the weekend and maybe indulging in the 41 Luxe new store launch.

However, before we get into the TGIF mood, the team came together to talk about and curate all the things we have been loving this week. From the BellaStylista who had us  glued to our phones to the beauty product we will be splurging on, here are this week’s fab finds.



Our fashion pick for this week has to be these pieces from Lisa Folawiyo Collection 1 2019. Just the sneak peek has left us in awe of the craftsmanship and silhouette of it all and we can not wait to see it on the runway or maybe on some of our favorite BellaStylistas – maybe even on some of the BN Style team members.



After the busy but productive week the team has had we all agree that we would be spending an extra hour this week indulging in some much deserved and much needed self care (and we advise you, dear BellaStylista, to do so as well). Our go to this week would be the Arami Essentials Glow Scrub. The Glow Scrub promises to be a deep exfoiliating scrub which removes dead skin cells, exfoliates and leaves you glowing and looking like a snack! And that is our beauty agenda for this weekend.


Singer and pop princess Ariana Grande just released her fifth studio album Thank U, Next and we are most definitely staying tuned to that album this weekend but what had our attention this whole week has to be the web series Skinny Girl In Transit. If you haven’t watched Skinny Girl In Transit yet then you are most definitely living under a rock and if you don’t love it then we have some questions for your taste in TV content.


Although we are still salivating to the thought and images of this Seafood Okro by The Kitchen Muse, this week we’ve also had our eyes on Samantha’s Bistro by Chef Dumebi. We’ve been finding ourselves craving tasty dishes, beautiful spaces, an affordable menu and Samantha’s Bistro ticks all these boxes and this weekend as we stroll out of the office, we will be finding ourselves at Samantha’s Bistro.



Our BellaStylista this week has to be Kuyet Bami. The social media strategist, photographer and content creator has quite a way with his content which leaves you increasing the brightness of your phone because you just can not get enough of all the sauce he is serving. His clean, dapper yet fun style is definitely one the boys on the team draw inspiration from and his content is one everyone agrees is simply the bomb.