Editor At Large of Vanguard Allure Latasha Ngwube is easily one of our favorite BellaStylistas. The About That Curvy Life founder never fails to impress and leave us stunned because regardless of it’s fashion week or a movie premiere she always steps out confidently with her fearless style and always impeccably done makeup. However, if you don’t already stan her, her recent collaboration may just change your mind and make you stan this woman whose body positive activism is making a mark on the fashion scene.

Latasha recently partnered up with leading hair brand Zuto Hair to introduce the Extended Length Collection of their crochet faux locs. Over the past couple of years, there has been a revolution of sorts in the beauty industry and one of the resulting effects of this is the dominance of faux locs – this doesn’t come as a surprise as it is affordable, long lasting and easy to wear all at once – and Zuto Hair is here to give you exactly what you want but with a positive twist. The Zuto Hair Extended Length Collection takes the versatility of faux locs to a whole new level by showing that they can be styled long, extra long or short – because why limit yourself to one option when you can have all?

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Photograpy: @impressivphotography_