Every Friday, the BNS social media and editorial team comes together to share all our favorite things from the past week. From the fashion brand we are obsessed with to the BellaStylista whose style is just goals, here are this week’s fab finds.


There’s just something about outfits that incorporate the glamour of a couture piece straight from the runway and the needed practicality of an outfit that would be worn to the office, or an event. We don’t say it often but Nigerian womenswear brand Olive Republic new collection Women of Valour ticked everything in the box especially for the women looking for outfits to up their workwear game!



Fall has started and this means we are slowly but surely entering fashion season in this side of the world. And for everyone in the fashion crowd or is hoping to be a part of the crowd this season, this is the time to make all necessary preparations to look your best come October. And as the BN Style make these preparations, one product that has become a go-to for the whole team has to be Arami Essentials’ Ivory Butter. The selling point of this product is that it  leaves your skin looking and feeling like butter and we can confirm it does just that.



While there is an inexhaustible list of dining options, the options of good dinning spots that has the perfect aesthetics, well-curated menus, and an all-round dinning experience are sadly greatly limits. However, one restaurant that tops this limited list is Circa Non Pareil. This weekend, if you need a peak date night or Sunday brunch location.



One of the best news we have heard in a long that has to be that the masterpiece that is The King Of Boys coming to the streaming platform Netflix. This has given Netflix and chill over this particular weekend a whole new meaning! If you are in the mood for sensational and expert Nollywood storytelling, then The King of Boys is what you should be watching!



When it comes to putting outfits together, all we can say is South African BellaStylista Sarah Langa knows her onions. Never one to slouch, and always putting her foot forward fashion wise Sarah Langa is one style influencer the whole BN Style team can shake hands on and say: she is simply bomb!