Fashion Week is finally here! In celebration of the behind the scenes work as well as the countless roles and industry insiders it takes to bring Lagos Fashion Week to life, we’re profiling inspiring people from across the industry and asking them to share their Fashion Week Prep routines, their tips and tricks, and productivity secrets. Consider this your sneak peek into the insider knowledge and a mini handbook into the business of fashion from your fave fashion insiders, From stylists to publicists, models to editors and more check out what the secret sauce for a successful fashion week is! Following our chat with  Royce Samuels, Creative Director of Ceezys Styling, Ntianu Obiora and  Veronica Odeka of Vane Style and Vane Polish, today we speak to Ifeoma Odogwu of Genevieve Magazine.


BNS: When do you begin to prep for fashion week? Could you describe the process?

It’s not so much of a process to be honest

1- I like to enjoy fashion week, so I try as much as possible to clear my schedule so that if I have work, it’s something that’s already been pre-planned not to take much of my time or jobs that I would consider slight work. Lagos as a city is too much of mad house to be making elaborate plans to fit in big shoots and navigate your way around town to look like a decent human being when its show time.

2- I like to get my invites a little earlier, again so I can plan for what shows I want to attend. Gone are the days when I used to want to see everything. These days I’m eager to see the new local designers, those from out of town as well as some old favourites.

3- I wouldn’t consider this work, but maybe you could count it as that, I make a list of the clients I’m looking out for Stuff for on the runway so that I could easily list these designers and describe what looks/number said piece was. I take photos for extra documentation. Might I add I’m usually on this list too. What can I say!!! Lol

Oh dear, I guess it is, a process after all.


BNS: How do you decide which shows to go to?

It’s simple, I make sure I go to the designers that I like. I usually also never like to miss Day 1 or whatever day the young talents show. The last day is when most of the socialites and label loving people come out and the street style is madd so I don’t miss that.

BNS: As an editor, are you backstage or front row most of the time? 

Front row mostly. I usually would make a sprint backstage if I need to connect with a designer especially those from out of town or to touch base with the rest of my team, photographer, interns, just to make sure they are ok. Sometimes I like to bring a hardworking intern front row to sit with me for a bit, take photos…etc. It usually makes their day.

BNS: What are your editorial duties during fashion week?

Basically looking out for promising Talent, spotting new trends, scrutinizing craftsmanship, tailoring, finish, the list is endless.

I also coordinate with a team for on-the-minute reporting via social media, website, as well as post-show commentary involving standout looks, trends, an editor’s roundup, street style looks, rookie experiences and any additional content which usually goes up early the following day.

BNS: Do you keep an eye out for new faces or new designers at fashion week? How do you spot the next big thing?

All the time! it’s the most interesting part for me, even way back before becoming an editor. I remember the first time I saw Ejiro Amos Tafiri show and I believe it was her first show, I was so blown and I said to myself. Incredible!

How I spot the next big thing is usually from really looking… so for me, it’s a well thought out collection, that is properly pieced together. One that I can tell the inspiration or story behind it even before looking through the designers press release. It’s a collection that is properly finished and over-all excellently executed. That’s the next big thing.  It doesn’t have to be an avant-garde collection or anything like that. Anytime you experience a Bridget Awosika runway, it’s exactly what I’m talking about.

I also keep an eye out for stunning new models to work with and profile too.

BNS: What else are you doing during fashion week ? 

I will be doing a lot of extra-curricular activities so yes, post-show parties, count me in! I also hope to drag some of my non-fashion friends to the shows as well. Initiate them and all. Office meetings, not so much. Maybe a few important ones. A fitting, client meet up here and there. Again I like to clear my schedule as much as possible. This never happens to the extent I want though. Maybe when I find my sugar daddy. Lol

BNS: What happens post-fashion week?

It’s usually, organizing content for publishing. Lots of writing, profiling new designers, Getting the interns to speak their minds on street style hits and misses.

Liaising with PR companies as regards additional info for designers/brands, sponsored content etc.

Bringing mood boards to life/ shooting

Linking up with designers to post orders for clients, pull looks for shoots etc

BNS: What content works better in digital versus print? 

I find that in the digital sphere, the audience want to see real time coverage, so things like say…

  • Videos of openers, standout pieces and final walks for the collections.
  • Street style photos
  • Celebrity get ready with me videos and social media takeovers
  • Insider access like post-show parties and VIP lounge coverage.


For Print

  • The readers love to see Street style photos, Trend forecasts and interesting details up-close.
  • They love to read backstage features like interviews with official makeup artists and see the beauty looks up-close.
  • Star models and new discoveries.
  • Also, designer profiles especially those focused on new talent/Ones to watch.


BNS: You always look amazing in the street style shots — do you prepare your outfits ahead of time?

Absolutely! I mean I leave room for a healthy/value added disruption like if I find a killer accessory last minute or maybe I’m about to step out and think… wait my hair looks better this way rather than a pre-planned style Haha! It’s usually worth it though!


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