Media IT Girl Eku Edewor Thorley is the cover girl for Blanck Magazine‘s 5th-anniversary issue. For the cover feature, she looks stunning in the bright, colourful and artfully juxtaposed photos with muted tones, eye-popping shades, and intricate patterns.

Inside the magazine, she talks about motherhood, feminism, body image and more. Read an excerpt below:

On motherhood:
I donā€™t know if itā€™s just me, but I feel everyone goes through the moment where they donā€™t feel their work is valued and working in our industry particularly is very stressful. I was starting to feel a bit like, well what is really my role? But once I had my daughter, I experienced a sudden revival. I love what I do and somehow there was an urge to be a good example to this new human being. And I wanted to be able to say I never gave up on my dreams, you know. It makes you feel like living up to all the things that you want to live up to yourself. I feel like thatā€™s what motherhood has done for me. It obviously also slowed me down in a way thatā€¦ I canā€™t explain it. Because before, I felt like I was always rushing to do things, now Iā€™m like Iā€™ll do it if itā€™s right for me. And I donā€™t feel this anxiety like what if that job doesnā€™t come back.

See more photos below

Interview: Franka Chiedu @fasindi
Styling: Aisha Paparella @aishapaparella
Hair: Regina Meessen @reginameessen
Photography: MCM London @Mcmlondon
Make Up: Lola Maja @lolamaja