Don’t get me wrong – I love huge statement earrings as much as the next girl, but something about these minimalist jewelry brands have really grabbed my attention. You basically can’t go wrong with delicate jewelry, and geometric pieces can be so versatile – appropriate for almost everything,  from the beach to the boardroom . Think fragile hoops, stackable rings, and exquisitely wrought, mathematically perfect earrings.

And the best part is they look amazing stacked and layered over each other, without ever looking overdone. The options are endless! Since it became such a trend last year, there are several affordable and super gorgeous options made right here on the continent, check them out below.

Afua Rida in @ornejewelry
Nicole Asinugo in @theochaofficial

The Ocha

This Lagos-based jeweler infuses sleek Scandinavian design with an urban Lagos attitude. The designer does simplistic,yet statement earrings extremely well. Ocha  offers a variety of interesting shapes and sizes that make any outfit look incredibly Insta-perfect from every angle. We have it on good authority that the pieces comes in at pretty affordable prices as well.

Orne Jewelry

Ghana-based Orne is a great go-to for stackable, minimalist bracelets, chokers and rings. They keep the design simple but elegant in brass rendered designs. We totally fell in love with their limited edition woven hats, with the signature Orne brass detail . The label keeps things very simple but still provides several options.

Omi Woods

It may not have started out as a jewelry label, per se, but this Toronto-based designer is focusing on her jewelry more and more and we are not mad at it. Referencing motifs from different tribes on the continent such as the Fulani, you can easily stock up on delicate earrings, slim, cowrie necklaces, all for under $200.

Davana Jewelry

Lagos actually  has an unexpected abundance of minimalist options from jewelry retailers and Davana Jewelry is one of them. This label is focused on super affordable minimalist jewelry all well under the N5 000 range. Your bank account will thank you!

Would you rock classic minimalism? Have you ever shopped any of these brands?Sound off in the comments below