Beauty entrepreneur behind Beauty In Lagos Ezinne Alfa is literally glowing in this perfect daytime beauty look, thanks to the masters of radiance at Doranne Beauty. To create a smooth, softly glowing canvas, Theo applied Nars All Day Luminous Foundation in Stromboli all over. Next, she applied a wash of warm coral color and added some light contour with bronzer and highlighter  to define cheekbones.


With strong brows courtesy of cult favourite Yanga Beauty’s Browlution, this look complimented Ezinne’s blonde hair perfectly. What’s even more incredible, is that this look was created in training! According to the studio head:

‘The simple, daytime look from our current trainings at the studio; students learnt how to do a full face everything in moderation so they understand step by step how to do a full face…’

Product Breakdown

Brows – @yangabeauty browlution

Lashes – @pearlluxurylashes in Belle

Eyes – @morphebrushes

Skin – @narsissist all day luminous in Stromboli

Lips – @maccosmetics Lip pencil in strip down and @queenslyt Lip gloss