Fashion influencer Chukwunoonso Ezekwueche makes it his duty to inspire every man to dress well. With every post on the ‘gram or his blog, he shows his over 100k followers how to rock the latest trends and score all the likes. Here, he brings to our attention 5 fashion rules every man should abide by.

Yes, Size Does Matter

I honestly can’t stress this enough – you have to know your size. Except you are going for the oversized jeans or pants trend, kindly wear pants that fit properly. Do not go for extra tight pants or extra-large ones because you most likely will look uncomfortable and your look won’t give you confidence.

Much Ado About Accessories

Accessories matter. To nail great style, it’s all about the right accessories. Different events or ensembles call for different types of accessories. A wristwatch and sunglasses are just fine when you wear a flamboyant outfit. To a red carpet event, by all means, throw on a few more statement pieces, a few bracelets and some rings will definitely make you stand out.

No Dirty Shoes!

Do not even step out with dirty shoes! Trust me, everyone notices. Dirty shoes show a dirty personality and that goes a long way to define who you are. Except it’s a pop culture move – dirty shoes are not allowed in any gathering. Take the time to polish and keep your shoes properly so they are always looking sharp and nice.

Saggy Pants Are Out of Trend

I get that sagging your pants can be a street style trend but we sadly still find some of us who sag pants at black-tie events or even over a suit. Hear it here and now, sagging should not be done over a suit. For starters, it is disrespectful to sag at a black-tie event and if you want to try it with a suit, take a good look in the mirror and see how not so good you look. After all, we all love fashion when it looks good.

Always Be A Gentleman

The final and most important rule I will be sharing with you now is the oldest and the most important – Always be a gentleman. Be polite, kind and respectful. Feel free to open the door for your date. Don’t shy away from doing the heavy lifting if you ever have to.

What do you think of these simple rules?
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