The media journey is an exciting and interesting one, filled with so many ups and downs. However, the common term used interchangeably is Hustle/Career. And sometimes, that leaves you wondering if you should pursue a hustle or career in the media field.

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A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. While hustling is associated with a fast means of achieving success and building or levelling up, as it is termed. It’s looking like having a long career isn’t the game anymore because of the fast-changing tide of technology and the way social media is enabling people to push their brands.

But that’s not true as each works in tandem with the other. Are you surprised? The path to long-term success is not paved with a presence that shouts look at me! It’s forged from a humble mindset of how can I help you.

Here are some tips to help guide you on how to boost your career and also essential tips to help guide you on your incredible hustle because we all need one. It’s the 21st-century baby. What’s a career without a hustle? (Giving you a side eye)

Career Tips

1. Work with the right employers: When looking for a full-time position, get to know your prospective employers. Ask about their company culture and how they support employees. 

2. Build your skills: If you feel like your career is stagnating or you’ve hit a plateau, be proactive and make positive changes. Attending training programs and having extra certifications are so important in building your skills

3. Be abreast of trends: There are so many technological advancements in the media field, so it’s imperative to get with the times.

4. Mentorship: This is a fail-safe way not to make mistakes early in your career. Having a mentor can help guide the course of your career and push you into spaces you never thought were available. Seek guidance through direct mentorship or indirect mentorship.

5. Give it your all: Remember, there is no fast route to success. You have to keep pushing and trying. Don’t be discouraged about your lack of progression when it feels like you have put in so much work. Keep going 

6. Define what you want to achieve: It’s necessary to look inward,

then ask yourself the right questions and define why you want to be in the field. Do you want to build a lasting career, or are you only there for the glitz and glam? 

Hustle Tips

1. Own your niche: Even in the media field, it is crucial to find your niche, which comes from trying different disciplines from Television to radio, print, social media journalism etc.

2. Look for the right platform: After choosing your niche, you need to find the right platform that fits your needs. You can also use this platform to strengthen your brand.

 3. Tell your story: For creating a personal brand, it is essential to connect with your audience. Connecting with the audience is only possible when you tell them your story. As emotional beings, everyone loves a story.

4. Keep your social media presence active and consistent. One sure-shot way of creating a solid personal brand is by standing highly active on social media and creating consistent content for the audience. 

5. Have a content strategy: It is a good idea to plan all the content you want to roll out on different platforms and then work on it. You can also proactively create content and then schedule it.