Nigerian fashion and beauty entrepreneur Reni Abina, the founder of the global womenswear brand Rendoll, has been chosen to grace the presentation stage at the GTCO Fashion Weekend 2023, joining a select list of designers.

The brand’s latest collection showcases a rich variety of textures and fabrics, featuring Chiffon, Taffeta, Satin, Linen, and Cotton. According to the brand, their enchanting wild bloom print acts as an empowering symbol, urging women to bloom into their best selves. Similar to flowers enduring winds and storms, donning this floral print serves as a poignant reminder of women’s resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

As her highly anticipated presentation approaches this Saturday, we had the privilege of connecting with her for an exclusive sneak peek into the creative inspiration behind her SS24 collection.

BNS: Take us through the design process, concept, mood board and your creative starting point.

Reni: My creative process begins with identifying the season and desired emotions for the collection, shaping my choice of prints and colours. The specific occasions I’m designing for impact the types of pieces I create. Next, I sketch my ideas and select fabrics that complement the styles. The journey progresses through multiple rounds of sampling and tweaking until we achieve the perfect piece.

BNS: What creative challenges and opportunities have you faced on your journey as a fashion designer in Nigeria, and how have these experiences shaped who you are as a designer as well as this new collection?

Reni: I wish there were more fabric factories in Nigeria producing everyday fabrics in the quantities we need, eliminating the necessity to import materials. Despite this, Nigeria’s consistent hot climate allows me to design resort pieces year-round, which happens to be my favourite aspect of the design process.

BNS: Could you select one or more pieces from this collection that hold a special meaning to you?

Reni: Look 15 holds a special place for me, especially the shirt—it might be the simplest piece in the collection, but it features our new monogram on the pocket. This monogram carries significant meaning for me and visually encapsulates what Rendoll represents.

BNS: Could you highlight any signature elements or details within your designs that set this collection apart?

Reni: A common theme you’ll find in this collection is big structured sleeves, bright colours, pleats, and ruffles.

BNS: How do you balance staying true to your unique design aesthetic while also catering to the preferences and demands of your target audience?

Reni: I aim to craft timeless pieces, as I believe women seeking attainable luxury desire items that withstand the test of time. Since the beginning, I’ve been the sole designer for Rendoll, and many styles are influenced by my personal aesthetic. Continuous customer feedback guides my designs, allowing me to incorporate their preferences while staying true to Rendoll’s distinctive aesthetic.

BNS: What can we expect at your presentation at GTCO Fashion Weekend?

Reni: Captivating looks, bright colours and elegant aesthetics.

BNS: Can we get a look at your latest collection?

Reni: Sure! With all pleasure.