Ugandan fashion and lifestyle magazine Satisfashion UG just rolled out its February issue featuring budding Ugandan models Ajok Makuc, Jackson Malinga and Jimai Hoth, who reflect on new beginnings.

According to the publication:

New beginnings are invigorating but also quite scary. For 19-year-old Jimai Hoth, who was scouted last December, starting out in an industry that thrives on rejection is scary. “I’ve read that there is too much rejection,” she muses. “However, I have always had that belief that if you are passionate about something, you will withstand whatever challenges come your way.”

Talking about passion, Jackson Tukei Malinga can pen a whole book about the subject. The 24-year-old landed a placement at Independent Model Management in Milan, and was due to travel to the city to meet his new agents, only for the pandemic to strike and disrupt everything. After almost two years of waiting, he is now in Milan to pick up what he almost lost.

21-year-old Ajok Makuc is a Mass Communication student scouted by Joram Model Management last October and is readying herself to pursue yet another new. 

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Jimai on the most challenging part of being a model:

I have always had that belief that if you are passionate about something, you will withstand whatever challenges come your way. The most challenging part, at the start, was watching my weight. You have to follow a strict diet in order to stay in shape.

The next thing is rejection. I’ve read that there is too much rejection in fashion. However, it’s not like there’s no rejection elsewhere, so you just have to keep going. The international business is quite cutthroat and that’s the reality of it. You just have to keep going. Those would be the most challenging things I know about modelling.

Jimai on what Valentine’s Day means to her:

Valentine’s Day is a special day, but I believe each and every day is just as special. You don’t wait for Valentine’s to express love to those you care about. A day shouldn’t pass without you making someone feel special.  I always celebrate Valentine’s day with my family. It’s another opportunity for us to buy each other gifts and spend time together.

Malinga on his recent move to Italy:

Well, Milan is a city rooted in its culture. Its art, architecture, entertainment industry, literature and music. There’s something different about their architecture, monuments, books and food that self-explains their rich heritage.

The hospitality of the people alone is exceptional. Italians are very friendly people. They are very welcoming to strangers. I was blown away by their love for people.

Malinga on his prospects for 2022:
I am looking at doing my best to explore all the possibilities this business can offer; catwalk shows, campaigns and collaborations. I plan to travel a lot too. I also want to finish my Engineering degree. All this aside, I am also open to God’s plans taking lead.

Ajok on her prospects for 2022:

Well, I have school. My goal is to become a better version of myself. Self-growth physically, emotionally and psychologically. I want to be represented internationally by the end of this year and at least walk a season. I am trying my best to see this through while entrusting God with it.

Ajok on being signed to Joram Model Management:

Signing with JMM is a dream come true. In Uganda, if it’s not JMM then it’s not any other agency. It’s quite unbelievable that I’m now a JMM girl. Well, I attended a JMM Masterclass around June 2021. The goal was for the team to notice me, which happened. In August, after a trip home in Juba, South Sudan, I took a selfie and shared it on Instagram. Joram saw it and called me in immediately. The rest is history.

It’s just three months so far, and I have done a show and a couple of other projects. I should say that I like how everything is going and I believe I’m developing steadily.

You can read the full story here.



Photography: @banji4to

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