Fashion’s darling Adut Akech Bior is no doubt a supermodel on the rise and has been making major moves. Originally born in South Sudan, and raised in Kakuma, Kenya, the 19-year-old was only seven years old when she moved away from Kenya along with her mother to Adelaide, Australia as South Sudanese refugees.

Now, Adut has walked for some of the biggest fashion houses including appearing as the runway-closing bride for the Chanel couture show, being a Saint Laurent exclusive for every one of the three seasons Anthony Vaccarello has been the creative director along with headlining almost every major show from Paris to New York fashion weeks.

Adut has as been in not one but four Vogue Magazines; from Australia to glossy pages in Korea. At the just concluded Fashion Month, Adut had a whirlwind period, walking for top brands including Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Moschino, Prada, MaxMara, Marc Jacobs among others.

Photo: @adutakech

In this Vogue feature, Adut shares her top four post fashion-week self care tips::

  1. Get some sleep
    “When I’m exhausted I go home to New York City, I lock my apartment and I stay inside and sleep for like, four days straight. During the shows, I’ll crawl under a table and sleep for 30 minutes if I need to. I’m one of those people who can sleep for an entire day if I need the rest – I’ll do 14 hours if I can. To me, the sign of a good sleep is when you wake up and you see marks from the blanket and the sheets on your skin. That’s when you’ve really put in the time.”
  2. Put your trainers on
    “We wear heels for four weeks straight, so whenever I can, I put on a pair of sneakers. I don’t care if I’m supposed to look chic, because being comfortable and being able to move around in your own body is chic. My favourite sneakers are by Nike – I buy a lot of Air Force Ones. My other go-tos are Vans. I like to rotate, I buy Converse, too. You want a big selection, depending on your mood.”
  3. Take a long soak
    “I like to take really long showers. Often that’s where all your problems melt away – sometimes you just have to cry it all out in the shower. The best is when I have time for a bath, though. I find bath bombs so relaxing and also kind of fascinating, because you get to watch them dissolve and fizz in the water. My favourites are the fruity ones that smell like grapefruit or citrus. They give you amazing energy.”
  4. Stop watching TV
    “I stopped about a year ago. It gives me so much more time. I don’t miss it, but sometimes my sisters will talk about a show and they’ll make me watch with them. They’re addicted to [Australian teen TV show] Dance Academy, so every time I go home, they force me to watch it with them, even though I saw it the first time. It makes me kind of crazy.”

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