So it’s an exciting job working on television and meeting various personalities from all works of life. You get to meet your favourite actor, entrepreneur, singer, and that favourite internet sensation that you have been dying to see. Hmm, seems like a perfect job right? However, there’s so much more to being a television host.

So let me run you through my day. I wake up in the morning either grouchy or level-headed, my mood can play a crucial role in how my show goes. It’s important to note that I have a producer that directs the show, prepares the script and outlook of the show and sources for guests. I sometimes source for guests too.

Okay, so I head out to the shower, say my prayers and then get prepped and leave the house. I like to get to work early so that I can start sharp. I begin to go through my phone for more information on the guest and do research on the segments of the show.

I start my makeup (Yes, I have to do my makeup myself a lot of the time) and then get the outfit to wear on air ready, also staying abreast in case of any changing information. Then by 11 am, I head straight to the in-house studio, and then lights, camera and action. I also have co-presenters who bring the vibe, fun and excitement to the show.

I host my own show for one hour, following which I record other in-house shows by reading the news and producing other content. I also record new episodes of in-house shows doing voiceovers, writing scripts, and brainstorming ideas for new shows.

Oh, I forgot to mention some outside-the-studio events that I have to cover sometimes during the week or weekend.

In summary, my job is enjoyable, hectic and fun. To summarize a whole day might not fit in. Oh, I forgot the challenges of trying to present your show and take instructions from the producer, a slip of words on air. The wrong question you asked a guest and the question you forgot to ask a guest. Whew! That is a day in the life of a TV HOST OR A DAY IN MY LIFE.

10:30 pm: My couch at last!! Shower and treat myself to a big bowl of hot oatmeal with blueberries while watching BBNAIJA. No major events going on around the globe today.

12:00 am: Crawl to bed, hoping I won’t have a long day at work tomorrow. I’m going to work in front of the camera tomorrow. I have my regular weekly program to shoot in the studio featuring me and my co-hosts, interviewing four very colourful guests and trying to stay witty, engaging, well-informed and intelligent the whole time.