Zomoge Inspired, a bespoke fashion brand announces the launch of its latest and highly anticipated collection, SS24 PRISTINE COLLECTION. This marks a significant milestone for the brand, showcasing a commitment to creativity, quality, and meeting the evolving needs of its valued customers.

The SS24 Pristine Collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to sophistication and the ultimate choice for individuals with a refined sense of fashion and style. 

This Collection is for those who see clothing as an extension of their identity, embodying excellence, luxury, and innovation. Meticulously crafted with precision and the finest fabrics, each piece sets a new standard in high-end fashion. Designed for diverse occasions, the collection offers timeless style, aiming to elevate wardrobes to a level of sophistication and individual expression.

The SS24 Pristine Collection is not just a set of products; it’s an embodiment of the brand’s ethos and a reflection of the latest trends in the Fashion industry across Nigeria and Africa.

Key Features of the SS24 PRISTINE COLLECTION:

ASA (CULTURE) – a standout from the collection, notable for its meticulous fabric detailing, it celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. In the Pristine Collection, the ASA fit takes centre stage alongside the ‘ACOUSTIC RIGGA’ and ‘VINX RIGGA’ fits creating a captivating ensemble that goes beyond mere clothing – it’s a statement of identity, pride, and beauty.

“We are thrilled to introduce our latest collection, the SS24 PRISTINE COLLECTION, to our discerning customers. The collection represents a fusion of fashion, culture, and elegance, resulting in products that are not only stylish and modern but also exuding Class, Style & Luxury,” said Mr. Ozomoge Victor, Creative Director of Zomoge Inspired. 

“Zomoge Inspired is excited to bring the SS24 PRISTINE COLLECTION to the world, and we invite you to experience the latest in fashion innovation,” he added.

To celebrate the launch of the new collection, Zomoge Inspired is offering an exclusive promotion for early customers. The collection is now available for purchase at www.zomoge.com

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information about the SS24 PRISTINE COLLECTION, please contact:


Ozomoge Victor 

[email protected]