Good things come in pairs, including Medplus Pharmacy‘s skincare essentials. Since a glow-up is top of mind no matter the season, skincare is a crucial part of wellness. The brand is prioritizing this by including the sales of two outstanding products in all their outlets — Nature’s Aid Rose Water and Revive Active Beauty Complex

By combining two well-matched treatments to bring out the best in your skin, using the supplement and skin product, which is an inside/outside approach, the pair can work in harmony to target skin concerns.

Skincare influencer, Ugo of My Skin Doctrine

Medplus Pharmacy has proven that it is an organization dedicated to wellness on every level. As a contemporary pharmaceutical company, the organization has moved beyond the simple science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs, being modern in its approach to providing a broad spectrum of services.

This paradigm shift has been consistent as they have continued to evolve over the years, paving the way for others and playing a significant role in providing an important piece of the puzzle, regarding the health and wellness of Nigerians.

Tested and trusted by skincare influencer Ugo, popularly known as Skin Doctrine had this to say about both products:

My skin felt hydrated and soft upon application of the Nature’s Aid Rosewater. I also love the Revive Active Beauty Complex matches as it contains hydrating, brightening, skin firming and repairing ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, marine collagen, biotin, phytoceramides and more.

Nature’s Aid Rose Water

Nature’s Aid Rose water is suitable for all skin types. The Premium Strength natural rose water is traditionally produced and is five times stronger than standard rose water products. It can be applied neat, directly to the face, using cotton wool or can be diluted for use. It can also be added to your bath as you require.

Its benefits are:

● Softens and Refreshes the skin

● Moisturizes dry skin

● Soothes irritated skin

● Effective make-up remover

Nollywood Actress, Tope Olowoniyan

Revive Active Beauty Complex

This is a product that has been created to support hair, nails and skin. Beauty Complex contains a selection of ingredients that comes in a powder form, which means that the active ingredients dissolve in liquid, allowing for easier absorption by the body compared to a capsule or tablet. The powder sachet eliminates the need for any fillers, binders or bulking agents, which can affect the absorption process.

Nollywood Actress, Tope Olowoniyan, has also tried out these products and raved about them in her skincare routine video.

I love to prep my skin with the Nature’s Aid Rosewater after cleansing, it balances my skin’s pH level and that is so important! I am also big on supplements and the Revive Active Beauty Complex is great for my hair, skin and nails, it’s the perfect 3-in-1 product.

Lifestyle content creator, Toyin Onigbanjo

Entrepreneur and Mother of 3, Toyin Onigbanjo takes her Revive Active Beauty Supplement daily and advises other women to do the same:

Dear working woman, your first priority to yourself is a balanced diet. Eat well and incorporate the Revive Beauty Complex in your regimen, you’ll thank me later.

Being widely known to have a team of easily accessible healthcare professionals, these two products sold at Medplus Pharmacy are helping users to achieve optimal health through lifestyle recommendations.

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