Today for Monday Manicure, we’re talking manicure styles and colours that are appropriate for work.

What’s your definition of work-appropriate nails? Do you think there are any definite nail DON’Ts for the office? Of course, there are.

Whether you work in a conservative or radical office, the most important thing about nails at work is to keep them shaped nicely. In most cases, it doesn’t really matter how long or short they are, or whether you make them round, square or pointy–keep them all well-maintained and at an equal length, and you’ll be fine.

Here are 5 really helpful rules to make sure your nails work at work

  • Make sure you can’t hear your nails when you’re typing. Keep them short and neatly filed.
Photo Credit: Choice Hotels
  • Neutral colours always win: Try nude, clear pink or beige
Photo Credit: @cbbeautybar


  • If you want to bedazzle or add glitters, keep them short and use soft colours
Photo Credit: @michaels_nails
  • Step away from busy nail art and designs!

  • Keep it classy with plain colours like red, pink, and brown.
Photo Credit: @beautyinlagos