Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

Taking care of your skin means finding a skincare regimen that works for your skin type. The situation becomes even more complex when you have combination skin. That is your skin ticks both the oily and dry boxes.

Well, there’s no need to panic. Even though caring for combination skin isn’t always the easiest, one can still find a routine that simultaneously combats dry patches and shininess. Whether your oiliness isn’t in your “normal” T-zone, if you experience dryness in random places, or if you’re experiencing breakouts and larger pores, it doesn’t matter. No matter how your combination skin looks and feels, the approach is the same.

Below are 6 skincare tips those with combination skin should consider following.

Use a gentle face cleanser

Make sure to clean off excess dirt, oils, and other impurities with a face cleanser that will mattify your oily T-zone without drying out your cheeks and under-eye area. Invest in a no-rinse facial cleanser which is so soothing that it feels more like a lotion than a cleanser! It has glycerin, which adds moisture back to dry skin.


When it comes to combination skin, grab a face scrub that is suitable for all skin types. Use a glycolic acid-based exfoliator. Glycolic acid dissolves excess oil and dead skin cells, so it’s safe for both dry and oily skin types.


Oil-free lotions, creams and gels are perfect for acne-prone skin. They are practically weightless and keep skin hydrated while keeping sebum in check.

Use blotting paper

Looking to get rid of extra shine? Use blotting papers! These papers will absorb oil temporarily without ruining your makeup.

Invest in a sunscreen

You should take sun protection seriously, no matter your skin type. Make a habit of wearing an effective sunscreen daily and reapply at least every two hours (or immediately after swimming or sweating) to ensure you’re adequately protected from sun damage.

Use a clay or charcoal mask

Clay masks and charcoal masks work well on oily or combination skin. This is because both absorb excess oil from the skin’s surface. Charcoal also works well on clogged pores.