Travel, fashion and beauty girl Asiyami Gold is well known as an influencer, content creator, and designer who is known for her elevated and boho-minimalist style. She is best known for her dreamy fashion-scapes, but Gold is also well-versed in beauty. Below, she shares her top hacks for some super cute and tips and (seemingly) effortless braided hairstyles.


On her Instagram she shared:


I’m a lazy gal when it comes to my hair and seeking the easiest to look presentable is always my first option. Here are some easy breezy styles to achieve in under 15mins.

PRODUCTS USED – Shake N Go Que Volume 3X Tri Pack King Jumbo Braid Synthetic Hair (1) – JET BLACK – Large Bobby pins (found at your local beauty supply store) – Chi thermal heat protectant spray More styles available on my YouTube channel.

Watch her full routine  below: