Following her July 2018 cover, Personal Fitness trainer Mapule Ndhlovu shares the five power moves she never misses with Women’s Health Magazine.

These are the exercises the fitness enthusiast uses to maintain her rock hard abs and a healthy outlook:

“Squats work the entire lower body. specifically the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Exercising a major muscle group, like your legs, helps you burn more fat.”

“I like doing push-ups to keep my upper body snatched. I love toned arms.”

“For my abs. Abs, you know, abs are everything.”

“The back is also a big muscle group. If I can’t get to my legs, I’ll workout our my bag. I still burn a lot of fat.”

“I like complex movements because they save time. A burpee is a squat and a push-up all in one.”

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