BNS:How do you keep calm before an event ?

A glass of wine, some gospel on deck and a prayer. Okay! Maybe a few prayers

BNS:Signature pre event prep?

Choosing my outfit. It’s as important as the event itself

BNS:Favorite no stress meal

Chicken suya and very cold garri, sugar and tons of ice, Though I think well prepared indomie with tons of veggies and protein might score us an endorsement.


Suit – @DavidWej

Shirt – David Jones

Shoe – David Wej

Socks – Laoke

Watch – Hublot

Bracelets – Tarkwa Bay

Bow tie – David Wej

Perfume – Versace

Apron – Chef Eros

Kitchen tools – Plating tong and Ofset spatula