The fashion season in Lagos has come to its tail end now that the editors are rounding up their top trends from the runway shows and street style. In a new feature, British Vogue spotlights designers that are “lighting up Lagos’s fashion scene.” The five names long list includes Tzar Studios‘s Ian Audifferen, Idma-Nof‘s Mfon Ogbonna, Paolo Sisiano of Sisiano and more.

See the full list below:

Ian Audifferen- Tzar Studios

I think fabric is the most important element of design. I’ve started playing more with pattern and texture to give my clothes added depth and introduce an element of fun.

Mfon Ogbonna- Idma-Nof

Different experiences have very much formed the person and designer I am today. The precision and structure from my career as a pharmacist definitely feed into my work, but at the same time, I’m a bit of a wild child.

Nkwo Onwuka- NKWO

Humans are destroying the environment. I think we have to go back to where our ancestors are from, look at how they lived in harmony with nature and learn some lessons from them. In Africa, we really need to harness the power of the sun to its full capacity to make cleaner energy. We aren’t doing that right now.

Lanre da Silva Ajayi- Lanre da Silva Ajayi

I want to make clothes that empower and flatter women. The idea that a woman can put on a dress and feel completely transformed is not something I take for granted – Marie Antoinette really took it to the next level, and so this season I wanted to create a contemporary interpretation of her style.

Paolo Sisiano- Sisiano

I would make my own costumes to dance in. The transition into fashion was seamless. I want my clothes to be dreamy and romantic, so when you wear them you feel like you are escaping reality to live a fantasy.

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Photo credit: Vogue