Getting older is not easier. It’s really tough being your WCE when the rug keeps being pulled from beneath your feet by annoying things like birthdays. I should know, I just had one. Yes, it’s amazing to be a year older and wiser but what’s not amazing are wrinkles,
weight gain, ill health, fatigue and all the other things associated with getting older. And even though black supposedly don’t crack, the signs of ages do start showing up eventually.

So what to do? Well, you run to your clinic and get all the botox, fillers and silicone money can buy, but it’s still true that you’re as young as you feel. Cosmetic surgery can give you the confidence to do more but you will still need to do actual work.

Less of this
More of this

It’s really important to keep your weight down as you get older. I can’t scream this enough. In Africa, it’s supposedly a sign of wealth, contentment and beauty when a woman develops a second belly and bingo wings but in medical terms its a massive red flag. Blood pressure, stress levels, heart health, fibroids, general health most are affected by obesity and obesity isn’t necessarily a 600-pound angry mom. You’ll be surprised when you also receive your obesity diagnosis and you are still looking fly in a UK clothes size 16.

If you’re under 30 you’re probably naturally more active whether you go to the gym or not. You probably dance, walk around more, work harder, perhaps you’re running after young children. But if you’re over 30, see your ageing checklist below and ask yourself if there’s more you can do.

    I teach DANCEFiT which is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy heart, burn calories, lose weight and improve flexibility and muscle tone, plus it’s fun and exercises the brain
    This burns calories more efficiently offset the muscle tone you will lose as you get older
    Maintain flexibility
  • DIET
    The changes you need to make to your diet may surprise you. Yes, you still need those vitamins and antioxidants in your diet to stay healthy and keep your skin looking good but you now need to eat MORE (healthy) fats and more protein to repair tissues. Reduce your sugar and salt-intake to avoid high blood pressure and of course, drink more water. Quit smoking or drinking more than occasional alcohol. Although African women are not generally heavy smokers or drinkers, what about your working environment, is it very smoky?
    Surround yourself with good people, do work you can enjoy, get more sleep and avoid wahala.

This Move of the Week often surfaces in my DANCEFiT class. It’s the half squat jab cross. It’s great as a warm up but is also a complete exercise because it engages your lower body and core and helps you build strength, burn fat, and improve your fitness level
Oya lets go!