Lipstick by Seun,  a distinguished womenswear fashion brand renowned for its celebration of African fashion through contemporary designs has released a new collection called “Apẹrẹ“.

This collection fuses history with contemporary fashion, inspired by the rich heritage of British combat workwear in the 1930s while celebrating the beauty of diversity through shapes. Aptly named Apẹrẹ derived from the Yoruba term for shapes, this collection is more than just a fusion of cultures – it is a testament to the resilience and beauty found in every form.

Infusing the aesthetic and functionality of the British combat workwear (also known today as Cargo), this collection reimagines baggy pockets, infusing them with the vibrant spirit of African Adire and Aso-oke fabrics. These rich textiles, adorned with intricate patterns and bold colours, serve as a canvas for showcasing the diversity of shapes that define us. Apẹrẹ is more than just a fashion statement, it is a celebration of inclusivity and self-expression. The shapes and colours are woven into each fabric serve as a reminder that beauty knows no boundaries.

According to the creative director Seun Eboigbe:

At Lipstick by Seun, our vision revolves around the promotion of African fashion by blending traditional African fabrics and styles with modern design elements tailored to the sophisticated women of today. Our newest Spring/Summer Apẹrẹ collection is not just a manifestation of this philosophy; it’s a narrative of artistry, innovation, and sustainability.

Each garment within this collection has been meticulously handcrafted, embodying a unique perspective on fashion while championing the principles of slow fashion and sustainability.

From the intricate hand-dyeing process of our fabrics to the mesmerizing ombre effects and meticulously painted shape motifs, every aspect of the Apẹrẹ collection exudes excellence and originality.

See the collection below: