Solo traveller Pelumi Nubi who recently achieved a great feat by travelling from London to Lagos by road in her Peugeot 107 is a vision to behold as she discusses her journey in a recent interview featured in ThisDay Style. Styled by Jemima Oyeleke, she embodied the true Lagos girl style in fashionable pieces from Nigerian bespoke brand, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, and was beautifully captured through the lens of renowned photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke.

According to a post shared by the designer on Instagram, each outfit choice was personally picked to highlight the story of her journey.

Her outfits elegantly portray her journey and spirit. The Nabou Agbada, with its rich African heritage, represents her unwavering strength and resilience. The delicate transparent layers of the Kubra Dress adds an element of her vulnerability and openness that beautifully illustrates her determination to conquer challenges and share her story with the world. Lastly, the Yvonne Dress, gracefully moving with each step, mirrors the miles she conquered, capturing the essence of her incredible adventure.

Each look celebrates her beauty and empowers self-expression through fashion.

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Credits: @thisdaystyle

Bellastylista: @pelumi.nubi

Styling: @Mimzbee

Outfits: @ejiroamostafiri

Makeup: @maryjoanne_

Photo: @emmanueloyeleke