Have you ever thought of the cost of building a brand in the media industry? It’s almost like building a house and not accounting for all the costs. As we know, the media game has gone beyond reporting news and presenting shows. It is a full-blown movement that requires so many details and glitz and glam and showing up and showing out. Similar to a multi-course meal. Let me break it down for you. 

Photo by Shania Pinnata on Unsplash

Makeup: So you might be wondering what makeup is doing on the list. Well, this is because you cannot go to any event without makeup (It is the cost of slaying). Your glam has to be on-point. Have you taken a walk down the streets to find out how much a professional makeup artist costs? It can get overwhelming showing up constantly for that event to build your brand. Thus, think twice. 

Photographer: You need to put yourself out there, and what better way to accomplish it if not by hiring a good photographer? The regular pictures you take would not do the magic, and you have to put high-resolution photos into consideration when selling yourself and your brand. And it goes without saying that you need to slay at that red carpet event. So having a professional photographer at hand will come in handy. So let’s keep counting.

Styling/Stylist: I know a lot of you might say cut your coat according to your size, but if you intend to build an empire, you need to look the part, and that involves a stylist or getting styled. Don’t you see how Toke Makinwa slays on the red carpet while still getting paid? People have to notice you for your style, and as much as you might think it’s not relevant, it is of utmost importance.

As far as styling costs go, it can get pricy. It can range from fifty thousand Naira upwards. Perhaps even more if it’s for a high-profile event, the stylist might charge up to five hundred thousand Naira and above. On condition that you aren’t a billionaire’s daughter. How will you accomplish this?

Hair/Accessories/shoes: We have forgotten the extra look, and that’s where hair, accessories and shoes come in. Do you know how much good hair and weaves cost right now, especially with the present dollar rate? This slay isn’t easy.

PR Person: So, if you want to get noticed, you need to put your name out there. You need to connect and network and push your brand. PR can help you accomplish this. Putting your brand in people’s centre of gaze is not cheap.

I hope I haven’t confused or scared you, but you might need to reconsider your strategy as the media space isn’t for the faint-hearted. Well, would it get better by the day? I doubt it because everything is commercialized, and with social media, the competition just got tougher. So it’s necessary to have a plan, don’t put yourself under pressure and do what you can with what you have.