Nigerian-based luxury fashion brand Tokyo James recently unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Titled “Code Switch,” the collection previews zippered ensembles with motorbike inspirations and handmade creations that reflect Africa’s thriving creative scene.

The brand’s latest offering draws inspiration from the concept of code-switching and the idea of using clothing as a means of protection and self-expression in a world where masks are necessary for survival. Code-switching is modifying or adapting one’s language, behaviour, or appearance to fit into a more dominant or widely accepted culture. The collection aims to serve as a shield for the wearer, allowing them to modify and express a controlled perception of themselves.

The collection features a mix of traditional silhouettes with a modern aesthetic, with the now signature zip appearing in more subtle forms throughout the collection. The use of denim, an adaptive material that can be worn interchangeably in any season, adds to the versatility of the collection. Metallic zippers and oversize pocket flaps are highlighted as key elements in this collection, creating unique pieces that are both functional and stylish. A range of bold colours and textures that are both eye-catching and practical are seen from the classic black and white combination to the vivid hues of purples and yellows.

See the full runway show below.