Prolific media personality, fashion girl and budding entrepreneur Toke Makinwa has another sure-to-fly off the shelves product on her hands. Capitalising on her most maligned feature, the OAP and author has a new skincare range (which she has been teasing for weeks now), to cater to the fans who want to look just like her.

In a release from the new range ‘Glow by TM’,

Another addition to the TM empire; Glow by TMToke Makinwa in partnership with Buluwa Inc, a Californian based beauty developer, launches her global skincare care brand, Glow by TM. TM Beauty redefines the African beauty rules with its formulas and safe ingredients that haven’t made their way to Africa. For the first time ever, brightening products with formulas and safe ingredients to take care of our skin and give it that Glow we long for.

The $2,000,000 partnership was inspired to create safe skincare products that works across all skin types and tones. Glow by TM offers a wide range of face and body products for traditionally hard-to-manage skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing flawless skin. Just like TM, the brand is feminine, with a complexion-focused product assortment developed to work together and provide everyone with TM’s real-life method for killer radiance and glowing skin.

Toke commented further stating

“The TM collection is created for women of all skin tones and personalities,” she says. “These steps are key to having ageless spotless skin, getting rid of dark spots, hyper pigmentation, sun burns and sun spots,”

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