Simply put, your body type is defined by how your hips, waist, bust and shoulders are structured. It is very fundamental to know your body type because it determines the type of clothing that flatters you and allows you to look your best. Some women are in the habit of immediately buying clothes they see and like, however, what they do not understand is that the clothes might not necessarily flatter their bodies, and this is probably because for example it was made for women with broad shoulders and theirs are narrow.

There are commonly five (5) kinds of body types: the Inverted Triangle; Pear; Rectangle/Athletic; Hour Glass; and Apple body types. However, it is noteworthy that in identifying your body type you might fall into either category or even fall into two different categories. Nonetheless, no matter your size or shape, you can identify with any of these body types and that will help you figure out what works for you.

So, do you know your body type? Below I have explained the different body types to give you an idea or mental picture that can help, however, if you still think you need more help you can try measuring your body statistics or a personal stylist could help, so let’s get started.

1. Pear Shape

Women with this body type have most of their weight situated around their hips and bum compared to their shoulders and burst. Short legs with thick thighs are also very common. In dressing this body type, you should focus on adding volume to the upper area of the body with either your hair, exaggerated sleeves, padded shoulders, blazers etc. in order to balance the body with the lower area. Also, wearing clothes that are accentuated at the waist and free at the bottom like flared/pleated skirts and dresses would also work perfectly. A good example of a celebrity with this body type is Joselyn Dumas.


2. Rectangle/Athletic Shape

Women with this body type have similar measurements for the various sections of their body, with little waistline definition. It is very common with slender women. With styling this body type, you have to try to un-even the proportions of the body, which can be achieved by wearing, loose and fitted when it comes to tops and bottoms, flared depending on how it is styled, flowy and A-line dresses from the waistline down and so on. Either way, the goal is to give width to desired regions and create illusions of curves. A good example of a celebrity with this body type is Ayanda Thabethe.


3. Inverted Triangle Shape

Women with this body type have broad shoulders and/or large burst area, narrow waist and hips and a smaller backside. Clothes suitable for this body type are clothes that are free at the bottom like flared jeans/pants/ skirts, flowy dresses, etc. to help even out the upper region.


4. Hour Glass Shape

Women with this body type have more of their weight around the bust and hip area when compared to their waistline. A good example of a celebrity with this body type is Ini Dima-Okojie. Styling this body type requires outfits that accentuate the waistline because they highlight the best features of the body. Common examples include High-waisted jeans/pants/skirt, using belts to accentuate the waist, dresses with defined waistlines and so on.


5. Apple Shape

Women with this body commonly have a round silhouette, they carry their weight around the hips, burst and waistline. Most suitable outfits for this body type are outfits that accentuate the waistline and free from the waist down, this is because they help to define the waist and give the body curves. Also, wearing tops and bottoms in the same colours (preferably dark colours) are very good; other styling tips include wearing fitted bras and support underwear to accentuate the waistline, tops and dresses that flow from the waist down etc. One style star with this body type is Latasha Ngwube.