Personal style defines who you are when it comes to looking stylish and fashionable, and it varies from one individual to another. It determines what you get attracted to when it comes to clothes, colours, using accessories/jewellery, your hairstyle, the type of makeup you wear etc., essentially, it defines how you love to dress.  The main personal style types are Classic, Minimal, Bohemian and Eclectic, but for the purpose of this article, I decided to highlight the style secrets of women who have their personal styles well put together. Keep scrolling down to find out what they are.


They Care for their Clothes

One of the most important things to women with great personal styles are their clothes and fashion items, they have to always be in good condition and cared for. In achieving this, some of the rules they follow include storing only clean clothes; washing clothes inside out to prevent them from fading or making sure their clothes are washed less; tackling stains immediately, because longer stains will be more difficult to remove, etc. Basically, this helps to prolong the life of their clothes.

Opt for Comfort 

Gone are the days were uncomfortable clothes or shoes were a thing and women had to bear pains silently. Instead, women who have their styles figured outwear clothes that give them utmost comfort, their wardrobe reflects comfortable clothes and they also appear comfortable in their own skin.

Prioritise Fit

A good fit automatically gives any look a boost, thus this is of utmost importance to people with great personal styles. One size does not fit all, so they strive to know things that fit them individually, because sizes vary from one brand to another. They also only wear things that fit them flawlessly, because looking polished and smart is very important to them.

Great Self-Care

Women with great personal styles are very intentional about their self-care and cautious about ensuring little things like their nails, skin, face care etc. are well taken care of. For instance: they ensure their nails are well manicured and pedicured and not chipped or dirty; their faces well exfoliated, toned and moisturised; wigs/hairs are very tidy; wigs are only worn over neatly plated hair; and so on.

They Follow Trends Strategically

So, my general rule is; do not follow trends blindly because of their short life span, but at times it might be ok in situations where trends are easy to follow or where trends can last longer than their expiry date. For instance, cardigans/sweater or leather jacket trends can be followed because they can form part of your wardrobe essentials, or the current Adire hit trend because it would never stay irrelevant.