A great personal style definitely requires lots of thinking, planning, strategizing, and making smart choices, this may appear daunting or overwhelming for some people, which is understandable, especially if the whole idea is a bit new. Nonetheless, based on what has worked for me in the past, I can personally say, in order to successfully attain a great personal style you have to start with the little areas that you alone can attest to seeing growth and are happy about. Subsequently, over time when you feel a level of satisfaction, that force will propel you into wanting to take on bigger areas and before you know it, you become a master. With that being said, I thought to share five easy areas you can start with on your journey to a great personal style. 


1.Wear Great Undergarments

Undergarments easily get overlooked and most times are deemed insignificant because no one really sees them, so why bother? this should not be the case, good undergarments should make you feel sexy and most especially give your clothes a good fit. So the next time you are trying on any undergarments like your camis, bodysuits, bras, underpants, make sure they are right too.

2.Wear Crisp Clothes

Another easy area to focus on your personal style is the way your clothes appear and how you wear them. A good way to achieve this is by ensuring all clothes are razor-sharp ironed or steamed, as this will ultimately help you look well put together. In addition to this, ensure your clothes are fitted and tailored to your body type. 

3.Wear Stylish Outfits Indoors

Indoor outfits such as lounge and night wears might seem less important too just like undergarments, simply because they are not worn out of the house. However, I believe this thought process should be scrapped because the little habits that are condoned here and there would make up what habits you would have about your sense of style in the long run. Hence, are you going to have a shabby or a cute wardrobe? If the latter, start wearing stylish loungewear and nighties now.

4. Self-Care

With Self-Care, pay close attention to your nails, hair, teeth, skin and face. Self-care goes beyond exfoliating your face occasionally, brushing or taking showers twice daily, you should also include using good moisturizers for your skin, making your hair often as opposed to wearing wigs all the time and so on. A great personal style does not stop at wearing crisp or expensive clothes, it also has a lot to do with body care, because these are the little things that would eventually add up to having a great personal style.

5.Have a Signature Scent

One of the qualities of a good personal style is having your own signature scent registered in the minds of people who are aware of your presence without even seeing you. Apart from having a scent, which everyone can easily do; play around with perfumes from different brands (based on your convenience) and decide on a scent that works best for your personality. This will eventually solidify your ultimate personal style.