Titilade’s Ultimate Style Guide: Why You Need To Develop A Personal Style STAT

Your physical appearance is an element people notice about you when you walk into a room and if you do not get it right, that first impression would lead to further assumptions (positive or negative) about you, this is known as the Halo Effect. I hear people say I have my own unique styleI am just being meI don’t follow rules on fashion, I hate fashion etc., and then use that excuse to have no personal style.

However, what people do not realise on time is that having a dishevelled appearance is doing more damage than good. You need to understand that style (not fashion) is the ability to creatively express who you are with what you have, not requiring you to break the bank, buy expensive/designer items, follow trends, have lots of clothes etc., It just needs you to look absolutely stunning in the clothes you already have. With that being said find below (5) major reasons why taking your looks more seriously is beneficial to you.

1.  You Become More Attractive

The way you look is the first thing people get attracted to when they see you. Thus by paying attention to your hair, clothing, skin, teeth etc. you are addressing any insecurities you may have and in turn, you pass a message to people that you take care of yourself, and people want to be around you. You do not need the prettiest face or best body to be attractive, taking good care of your personal looks is simply all you need.


2. Boosted Confidence

I am a preacher of style and confidence and honestly, confidence is the result of a stylish personality, they work hand in hand. You want to boost your confidence start with your personal looks because when you look good you feel good, and by feeling good you get to focus on what really matters and you act better. Essentially, a good outfit will make you more confident when you need it the most.


3. You are Likely to Excel More in your Personal life

You need to understand that what we wear and how we feel about it has a deeper psychological, social and emotional impact on our actions. When you look good you are confident and happy to relate with people, investors, step out of your comfort zone, take actions, start that business etc.


4. Respected at Work

Your appearance they say is a reflection of your personality and determines the way you are perceived. Even if you have independently worked on your confidence in every other area, apart from your style, your colleagues would definitely see you has smart but your looks are always going to get in the way `of representing your company out there. On the flip side, when you are well dressed you become the go-to person to get into business with, represent your office at events or even a promotion etc. In short, people’s perception of you will begin to change.


5. You Live a Better life

Psychologists have proven that when we wear clothes that make us feel good, better results are produced. For instance, your facial expression, your body language, your mood throughout the day will improve, you smile more, you want to take pictures more often, you want to hang with your friend generally you live a happy and fulfilled life.


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