Most petite women have shorter necks, torsos and legs, as a result, it gets tricky trying to always find pieces that work for their height. Oftentimes even when they find pieces that fit, some may find it difficult to pull looks that would actually flatter their bodies. I may not be short but having styled a few petite women, watched my short friends wear flattering clothes and swotted looks on various petite fashion girls, I learnt a few tricks and summed them up in this article. Who knows, you might just find that this is what you have needed all along.

1. Balance your Looks

When matching outfits you need to master techniques in balancing them in order to achieve a suitable outcome. For instance, when wearing tops and bottoms, you can balance by wearing loose and fitted, as opposed to loose and loose; for long hemlines, you can balance your look by showing some skin at the top; for short hemlines, clothes showing skin at the top might not be necessary and so on.


2. Wear High-Rise Pants

High-rise style, in general, is flattering to women with short legs, this is because it creates an illusion of longer legs and in turn, they look taller. If there is one type of jeans to stay away from it is low rise jeans because they make your torsos look even smaller. However, if you are not a fan of high-rise, a midrise is a much more preferable option. Also when choosing colours dark coloured pants are way better because they will help your legs look slimmer.


3. Wear More Structured Looks

Oversized or baggy outfits should never be considered by petite girls, especially as bottoms. This is simply because their figure gets swallowed up by it, however, on the flip side focusing on more structured outfits and fitted bottoms a petite girl’s overall proportions tends to look better. Essentially, the main goal is choosing outfits that create a lean silhouette on your body.


4. Carry Mini Bags

Carrying oversized/big bags should not be carried at all, this is because they make you look even smaller. On the other hand, preferable options are small bags such as clutches, micro-bags, cross bags etc. as it would complement your petite stature better.


5. Bonus Tip: Tailor Your Looks

From modifying hemlines to adjusting sleeves, pant lengths etc., every petite girl needs a tailor on speed dial. As most clothes on the racks are hardly tailored to fit petite women, but with a great tailor, you can get those clothes fitted to compliment your body. Trust me the extra time and money would be worth it.