Following the anticipation of a New Year are new strategies, rituals, resolutions, traditions etc. people intend to follow, in order to make the coming year better than the last one. In light of this, I came up with a list of things to be avoided in the coming year based on common oversights when it comes to style/fashion choices. More so, this is with hopes of saving more, making right fashion choices, shopping tactfully, and ultimately influencing personal style in a good way. Keep scrolling to see what things should be avoided.

1. Do Not Shop for Only One Occasion

When shopping for an event or party, avoid getting the ultimate perfect outfit for the event, instead search for that perfect outfit that will serve not just the event but also other events in the future. This way you get to wear your clothes multiple times and use your money’s worth on them. A simple example is where you have to attend a ‘Black Tie’ event for instance, and obviously, you need a dress (possibly flowing), why not make a dress that can be easily converted into another look after the event. This way the dress does not have to be stored up in your wardrobe for a similar event which will likely never happen or you are most likely going to get another one for.

2. Stick to Your Type

This point has to do with making smart choices when it comes to buying your clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories etc. For example, when buying jewellery buy one that would match that Silver watch, rings, earrings etc. you already have, and not Rose gold simply because everyone is buying it. Again, buy clothes that would fit into other items in your wardrobe and also flexible ones, such that with the perfect accessories or layering outfit you can create a whole new look without spending so much. In the long run, you have more new looks and more outfits to mix and match with.

3. Stop Buying into Trends

I know I have said this a million time but it is worth repeating. Trends don’t make you stylish, as they run a short life span and after their expiration, they begin to look worthless to you. Typically, after a while, they would not fit into your style anymore nor anyone’s, this is because people are no longer wearing it and for the fear of looking weird in them you are most likely going to abandon them too. Consequently, you are saddled with having to fund and hop on the next big trend in order to stay relevant, and likely end up with a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear. Thus, this coming year I would advise you take time to put together outfits that will serve all year round, look for timeless pieces, buy staples and functional clothes simply for the sake of your sanity, pockets and ultimately your personal style.

4. Check Out New Brands

Extend your market circle, look around and explore new brands rather than going the same route of shopping from foreign stores. The local fashion industry in Nigeria is doing quite well and are fast becoming global, as of now, you are sure to get ready-to-wear outfits for your corporate, casual, red carpet events, bridals, you name it! You can also find sturdy locally made handbags and shoes, beautifully crafted with the ability to match up with standards anywhere in the world. Hence, I would say patronise Nigerian brands you would be happy for it and so also will your pocket.

5. Stop Stalling your Amendments

It is very ok to amend clothes especially if they don’t fit in certain areas or as the case may be. However, it becomes bad when these clothes never get to the tailors. What happens is that you have these good clothes stored up somewhere due to minor amendments or alterations as the case may be, and over time you find yourself repeating the same clothes with a closet full of nice clothes. For that reason, I urge you to try as much as possible to do your amendments as soon as it becomes necessary, so you don’t fall back into old habits.