It’s another edition of our favourite columns here on BN Style, Tinie Tempah‘s Lifestyle Loves! If you missed our first interview with him, click here to read all about Tinie’s love for music, fashion and how Africa influences his designing process when it comes to his clothing label, What We Wear.

BellaNaija Style: What are your top three dishes to eat?
Tinie Tempah: First one is pounded yam with efo riro or egusi soup and secondly, I’d probably say [this is in no particular order as well], a roast dinner… Sunday roast and third I’d probably say jollof.

Everybody loves jollof

BN Style: Who are your top three designers?
Tinie: Very very good question. my top 3 designers would be Christopher Bailey, Craig Green, Alexander McQueen but there are loads of amazing designers though.

Christopher Bailey (Burberry)
Black Panther

BN Style: What are your three favourite films, TV Series, and Books?
Tinie: Films – Usual Suspects, Black Panther and Get Out
TV – Breaking Bad, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Defiant Ones
Books – Animal Farm, Half Of A Yellow Sun and The Secret

BN Style: What are your top three travel destinations?
Tinie: Nigeria, Brazil and Australia

BN Style: What are your top three activities to do for time out?
Tinie: Catch up with everyone [and] see family, dj, I like to go to see other people work in the studio and watch other people work.

BN Style: Top 3 Favourite artistes to listen to?
Tinie: At the moment, Wizkid, Not3s, Bane