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Miracle Dike is a freelance writer. He is very passionate about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and enjoys putting his ideas in writing. When he is not writing, you can find him reading, researching, or scrolling through the top fashion and beauty pages on Instagram and Pinterest.

Until recent times, beauty was never an element of art and creativity as people often applied the term “Beauty” to a person’s physical peculiarities. However, that narrative is changing since beauty has become more of an expression than an attribute because bold influencers, celebrities, makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts are putting creativity and passion into creating unique trends and validating diverse expressions of beauty.

Since the year 2020 is almost over let’s take a look back at some of the trends that have successfully defined the modern-day beauty this yeah, and why we’ve decided to stick with them.

Thanks to the experts who constantly prove how these trends can make you look bomb, we are taking them into the new year!



This clear and moisturised skin trend is a trend that will be on for a very, very long time because everyone loves a healthy, glowing, moisturised and spotless skin. It has its way of bringing out that confidence in us and is perfect for rolling out of bed and hoping on to a virtual meeting.



Who needs lip fillers anymore when we’ve got this trend? Thanks to the overlined lip trend, you can get the look without the pain. Btw, if you haven’t tried the overlined lip trend yet, we are allowing you to try it by next year. Make sure you do!


Are you tired of styling your edges the same way? Say no more, let me re-introduce you to this creative edges trend. All you have to do is stalk your Instagram explore page or Pinterest pages and start practising different cool ways you can style your edges because we are too, you don’t want to be left out next year, do you?



Speak of a top 2020 trend, natural-toned eye contact is the real deal. We love how it brings out that fierceness in us (a new kinda sexy). Seems simple but it’s a statement look.



When we say some beauty trends are more than just trends, but a movement – the Afro is number 1 on that list. It is a new decade and African women are rocking their big hair unapologetically. We live for that till next year and beyond!



A very realistic trend we loved this year is the braids with curly tips style, this hairstyle on everyone who has tried it makes you look chic, modern, and ready for a vacation. That’s the energy we’re taking into next year.



Sometimes, “gloss is more”, and the glossy lip trend can prove that without reasonable doubt. With a glossy lip, as simple as it may appear, your entire makeup look can move from a zero to a hundred real quick. So brace yourselves and pack a lot of lip glosses cause you’ll be needing them for the next year.



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2020 gave us a lot of drama, so we will like to give back the drama by next year with a trend we were not allowed to rock completely this year, the coloured eyeliner. Just so you know: we may neglect our regular eyeliners for a while, you know, it is what it is.


Did you think we would forget the metallic eyeshadow trend? Yes, we are ready to party in 2021 – with bold eyeshadow.



If your concern isn’t about styling your edges, but having baby hairs in the first place, worry not, lace frontals has been saving lives since 1801, lol. Go get yourself a lace frontal gurl… and get brand new edges for your hair. BTW, you can also style your new edges with a lace frontal so you have no excuses not to rock your creative edges trend with us next year.


This summer 2020 trend keeps staying stronger and stronger. To all the dates we missed this year, we are reconciling with a bold red lip trend next year.