Timini Egbuson is a leading actor with a fiery personality, a man of many talents who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle industry.

From his memorable performances in record-breaking Box office movies to his influence on fashion and lifestyle trends, Timini has given fans countless reasons to admire him and eagerly anticipate his next projects.

In a revealing conversation, Timini gives us some insight into what to expect from his career and shares his experience working with Nigerian luxury jewellery brand, BAY ICE.

On finding the right team for the campaign

My journey began with a quest to explore different facets of the fashion and luxury industries with a brand and people who value creativity and also seek to provide timeless pieces. The Bay Ice team is led by a creative visionary, Azeez Olatunji. When they reached out I was immediately struck by the connection between my personal ethos and the core values of Bay Ice.

Their unwavering dedication to impeccable craftsmanship, their commitment to crafting timeless designs, and their attention to detail all mirrored my own aspirations.

It became abundantly clear that Bayice wasn’t just another brand—it was the perfect platform for me to launch my venture into luxury modelling and influencing, where creativity and lasting impact converge seamlessly.

On getting dressed for work versus day-to-day life

Fashion is a personal expression for me, on set or off. Sure, work is almost a daily thing, but I wouldn’t say I dress drastically differently. There’s no need to ‘put on a show’. I believe style has a certain authenticity – it should reflect who you are at your core.

Whether I’m rocking a costume for a role, chilling with friends, or hitting the red carpet, comfort and confidence are key. My outfit should go with my mood and stay true to my personal style.

On his favourite BAY ICE accessories

Throughout history, men have adorned themselves with fashion accessories to express their individuality. Bay Ice has everything I need fashion-wise, whether it’s the timeless elegance of their premium wristwatches seamlessly blending design and functionality, the sophistication of their bracelets, or the stylish flair of their glasses, each of their accessories plays a role in defining one’s personal style.

With Bayice, every fashion-savvy and confident man can discover pieces that effortlessly elevate their wardrobe, embodying the essence of refined taste and timeless appeal.

On his style evolution:

My style journey has always been characterized by risk-taking, courage, and unwavering confidence in my choices.

Has my style evolved over the years? Undoubtedly, It has matured and expanded alongside my personal growth and the refinement of my craft and talents. Just as I constantly strive to improve and excel in my endeavours, my style will naturally adapt and evolve to reflect the person I am becoming.

On his role in “Ajosepo” and “A Tribe Called Judah”

Collaborating with talented individuals in an environment fueled by creativity and professionalism has always been the catalyst for achieving remarkable feats.

As an actor, I approach each role with the belief that I can excel in any given circumstance. This mindset guided me through my experiences on the sets of  “Ajosepo” and “A Tribe Called Judah”. With the support of visionary directors, we breathed life into our characters and collectively crafted cinematic magic.

On his Netflix project—and what else he has coming up

I’m incredibly thrilled about “Shina“—it’s a project I poured my heart into and executively produced, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work my team and I accomplished. I’m eagerly anticipating its release, as I believe everyone will be captivated by what we’ve created. Beyond “Shina”, there are several other exciting projects on the horizon that I’m equally enthusiastic about.


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Photo: @nayteez.txi