While traditional practice had us turning to the streets of Fashion Weeks in Lagos, Milan, and Paris for the ultimate lesson in ‘street style’ artistry, recent years have steered us toward virtual sources of inspiration.

Thankfully, the expanses of Instagram’s street-style scene know no bounds, linking us with some of the most stylish accounts worldwide. Those who’ve mastered the ‘grassroots’ approach to styling seamlessly blend the realms of high fashion and cultural phenomena, creating a fashion blueprint that is uniquely theirs – effortlessly enviable and unapologetically fabulous. Their Instagram feeds are as captivating as their wardrobes, leaving us yearning to embody the essence of these sartorial mavens whenever the chance arises.

Below, we’re delighted to share the street-style Instagram accounts that consistently draw us back, offering unmatched inspiration repeatedly while pounding pavements.

Sonia Tucker

In the realm of attention-grabbers, Sonia Tucker takes the lead. With her commanding presence, showcased through her voluminous Afro, radiant skin, towering heels, and impeccably stylish outfits, she has an undeniable hold on every onlooker on the street. And, of course, let’s not overlook her distinctive signature strut.

Chinyere Adogu

Content creator extraordinaire Chinyere Adogu has left an indelible mark on NYC’s famous streets. Her incredibly chic and vibrant outfits never fail to make a statement, and her accessories and hairstyles are always bookmark-worthy.

Rose Mwambayi

Rose Mwambayi, renowned as @yourfavafrican on Instagram, embodies the epitome of style and substance. Her expertise in the realm of glamour is unquestionable, and her mastery extends seamlessly to street style, where she effortlessly integrates Ankara prints. Picture her swaying to the beats of popular Afrobeat songs in sky-high heels, her Afro elegantly synchronized with every stride she takes. Truly the embodiment of the complete package.

Chiamaka Offorjebe

In the realm of style inspiration, there are a handful who can encourage us to confidently rock a micro-mini skirt, and Chiamaka Offorjebe is undoubtedly one of them. Her fearless fusion of bold elements to craft an authentic street style aesthetic serves as a catalyst for us to embrace daring choices within our own wardrobe, fostering a spirit of sartorial adventure.

Rachelle Ndaya

It wouldn’t be a complete street-style round-up without featuring Rachelle Ndaya. As a fixture in the social media fashion scene for years, she possesses an exceptional street credibility that’s hard to match. Unafraid to blend masculine and feminine elements, she effortlessly brings the sophistication of high fashion to the urban streets.

Diane Hassan

Diane Hassan is a newcomer on our radar of street style mavens, but since we discovered her style, we haven’t looked back. With a playful flair that includes statement sleeves, vibrant outfits, and eye-catching accessories, she’s one to watch. In fact, her style is so covetable that she’s launched her own fashion label, SC Couture – now everyone can channel her chic style!


For enthusiasts of African prints and vibrant colour palettes, London’s Adesewa is your ultimate destination. Armed with a collection of dreamy dresses and perfectly tailored Ankara pieces, blazers and two-piece sets. Adesewa’s approach to street style is refreshing.

Amy Julliette Lefévre

It’s widely known that models excel in the realm of street style. Amy Julliette Lefévre, in particular, has mastered this arena with finesse. Her blend of moodiness and sophistication renders a style that seamlessly transitions from the streets to the office and even brunch outings.


Model and actress Titi has transformed Madrid’s streets into her personal runway. With sky-high heels, form-fitting ensembles, and a bouncy Afro that’s the envy of many, she effortlessly commands attention and turns heads wherever she goes.