The Fashion Law Africa Spring 2022 Summit will feature innovators, designers, leaders, and prominent CEOs. The 2nd annual Fashion Law Africa Spring Summit will feature thought leaders, creatives, and industry experts.

Join the Fashion Law Africa Summit for their second annual Fashion Law Africa Spring Summit on Saturday, June 11, at 10:00 a.m. EST and Sunday, June 12, at 10:00 a.m. EST. The summit will bring together business leaders, fashion professionals, designers, and fashion law experts. This year will feature panel discussions with Morin Oluwole, Director and Global Head of Luxury at Meta, Ayotunde Rufai, CEO and Co-founder of JendayaLiz Lenjo, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Simone Cipriani, Head and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, and many more. The two-day event is jam-packed with workshops, networking, in-depth conversations, and learning opportunities, delivering critical insights into the African Fashion Landscape’s evolving prospects, challenges, and solutions. Join the event by registering on Eventbrite at

The summit will feature three panels and over eight workshops covering topics such as brand protection, digital fashion, manufacturing, ethical fashion, social media management, finance, and much more. Participants will obtain vital knowledge and will be able to see the ensuing discussions.

The Fashion Law Africa Summit is an attempt to empower African fashion brands and designers by providing information and tools. It is also to promote in-depth discussion surrounding the African fashion industry. Their goal is to increase the number of connections between entrepreneurs and industry professionals, bring together the global fashion community, create a global dialogue on critical issues, and provide resources and encourage in-depth discussion to help the African fashion industry advance. Follow them on Instagram at @thefashionlawafricasummit for more details.

For more information, check out the brand’s page @thefashionlawafricasummit