In a recent photo campaign, Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ star Tega Dominic, channels the Igbo goddess Ala. Prominently sporting a hairstyle fashioned in the likeness of a flamboyant crown, the celebrity exudes royalty, power, and timeless beauty in the series of photos she recently shared on her social media.


Artistic direction by @infoworldcharming, this campaign aimed to portray Ala, (also known as Ani, Ana, Ale, and Ani in varying Igbo dialects), the female Alusi (deity) of the earth, morality, fertility, and creativity in Odinani. She is the most important Alusi in the Igbo pantheon. In Odinani, Ala rules over the underworld and holds the deceased ancestors in her womb. Her name translates to “ground” in the Igbo language, denoting her powers over the earth and her status as the ground itself. Ala is considered the highest Alusi in the Igbo pantheon. Ala’s husband is Amadioha, the sky deity.

As the goddess of morality, Ala is involved in judging human actions and is in charge of Igbo law and customs known as Omenala. Taboos and crimes among Igbo communities that are against the standard of Ala are called nsọ Ala. All ground is considered holy land as it is Ala herself. With human fertility, Ala is credited for the productivity of the land. Ala’s messenger and living agent on earth is the python (Igbo: éké), which is especially revered in many Igbo communities. In art, Ala is often represented as a regal figure seated on a throne, surrounded by her family. In the past, such figures took the form of life-size mud sculptures in special festive shrines dedicated to the deity and known as mbari.

If you’re looking for exceptional hairstyle inspiration, Tega Dominic is your belle. Coupled with nude lips and a striking blue liner by makeup artist @ceeyonceemua, this glamorous campaign is serving major hair and beauty goals.


Photography – @shots_by_mena
Styling/ Artistic Direction – @infoworldcharming
Makeup – @ceeyonceemua
Hair – @highdtosin
Extension – @lushhairnigeria