2023 marked a thrilling turning point for Ghana’s fashion scene with the introduction of Tecno Ghana Menswear Week’s “Abonten.” This groundbreaking streetwear show lived up to its name, “Abonten,” which translates to “The Street,” and infused the bustling streets of Accra with an electrifying blend of style, culture, and innovation. It redefined the traditional runway by transforming the city’s streets into a vibrant celebration of individuality and creativity, showcasing fashion expressions from various backgrounds.

At the core of the event was the Abonten fashion show, a dynamic platform where both established designers and emerging talents joined forces to redefine streetwear. Here, they masterfully interwove Ghana’s rich heritage, seamlessly merging the vibrancy of Kente cloth and the depth of Adinkra symbols with modern street fashion. Embracing sustainability and celebrating gender fluidity, the show also shone a spotlight on technologically enhanced garments. Abonten has undeniably set the tone for the most sizzling fashion trends of 2023.

Looking forward, the undeniable impact of Abonten foretells a vibrant 2023. Get ready for a year filled with lively colours, cultural fusions, a focus on sustainability, and tech-inspired street fashion. Embrace the street’s energy and let your fashion be the canvas for self-expression and storytelling. Streetwear has never been this exciting and all-encompassing.

Scroll down to see some of our favourite looks from the event.



 Photography: @Asephua_ @vineimagery 

 Event: @GhanaMenswearWeek