We covered Personal Style last year in all its forms and functions . Signature style, personal style etc are terms that are bandied about A LOT. It’s easy to find it confusing especially when applying it to one self. Cultivating a look that works for you can often be weighed down by the latest celebrity trends and Instagram sometimes makes everyone look scarily similar. There is almost a formulaic ‘It-Girl’ look for every occasion, down to the poses and the mirror selfies! So how do you navigate your personal style? How can you ensure you look certifiably fashionable whilst still remaining individual? As you can imagine there is no one thing that will give you that oomph factor – but here are some steps to creating a look that fits you as an individual  instead of dressing exactly like somebody else.

Whether you’re aiming for a total style overhaul or to just open to some minor updates here are some tips and tricks to identifying what makes you feel confident

1. Recognize Your Shape

What is your body shape? Well fitting clothes stem from this simple concept. When we are unaware or refuse to acknowledge where we are at right now, it can lead to choosing the silhouettes that don’t show it off to its advantage. Taking photos and speaking to your most honest family members can help if you’re stuck. Once you’ve identified this, turn to celebrities or style stars who look like you or are a close fit and you can easily identify the silhouettes that work for them.

PS: This is no way means you can only wear form fitting clothes or a specific type of look depending on your size. If for example you are petite and slim, but  prefer to wear oversize looks, The Olsen twins and fashion influencer and creative director Celine Agaard do oversize looks that are very fashionable.

2. Wardrobe Audit: Identify Your Signature Pieces and Figure Out What You Dislike

First rule of a wardrobe audit – get rid of anything that doesn’t make your heart sing. If you bought something because it was on sale three years ago, it fits weird and you feel terrible when you wear it? Get rid of it sis. Give it to charity, a friend it looks better on. Whatever works. Finetune this until you have a stellar capsule wardrobe with quality basics that can be mixed and matched with more statement pieces.

Then do the opposite – what can’t you stop wearing? Bearing in mind this can be a beauty look or an accessory. Identify your go-to and stick with it. Toke Makinwa has her signature glowy makeup, Lisa Folawiyo has her braids and Palesa Mhlaba her love of bold colour. Take what you love as  a starting point and run with it!

3. Create a Mood Board With Your Own Style Stars and Goals


Use Pinterest , Instagram saves or do it the old fashioned way on a physical board you can look at everyday. A detailed moodboard helps you really drill down to the styles, silhouettes and pieces you love. It also helps to clarify basic pieces you may be missing but forget to pick up.  Look for unexpected style plates, anyone from a new blogger or little known but very stylish Instagram personality, it could even be your mum! Anything goes.

4. Figure Out Your Style Uniform

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Banish the thought of a school uniform or anything of the sort, a style uniform is your go- to formula . Pretty much every stylish woman has one. It simply means you have a style formula you can rely on and you don’t necessarily have to over think. This doesn’t mean you have to look the same all the time. For example a ‘nice top and jeans’ formula has a lot of scope as well as variations for work and play. You can also use accessories to dress up your style uniform up or down to fit the occasion. And just like that your ‘nothing to wear’ woes disappear. #ThankUsLater.