You see gorgeous editorials, fresh new content, exciting TV and film shows, but you rarely get to peek behind the curtain where the magic happens. In this new series, we join young, talented creatives in a short fun interview series, learn about their work, how they got their start and what new exciting projects are to come. We spotlight industry creatives, celebrate their wins, and inspire upcoming creatives to seize the day. Every week, we’ll learn from individuals who conquered their doubts and fears and made moves to follow their creative dreams.


I’m inspired by my personal goals and the people around me who support, motivate and believe in me. But most of all, God is my greatest inspiration.

Your last three jobs/roles: 

I worked with FAB Magazine as an Intern and then a Fashion Assistant. Afterwards, I became a freelance Creative Director, Brand Consultant and PR Consultant under my company, D.E.E.V.AS. In 2013 I joined the SPICE TV team as an Associate TV Producer responsible for producing three of their lifestyle shows for the channel til 2017.  Now I’m the Creative Director of REKANA, Co-owner of ELANRED and still consult for brands with D.E.E.V.A.S

What inspires you on a day to day basis:  I’m inspired by my personal goals and the people around me who support, motivate and believe in me. But most of all, God is my greatest inspiration.

Your Personal Style in One Word


Personal Mantra

Rise, Pray, Grind & Shine!

What’s the Sharon Ojong backstory? When did you realise your interest in fashion was leading to a career?

I’ve always loved fashion and hoped to someday turn my hobby to a career. I knew I would either end up having my own fashion and content production house, or be someone in the fashion industry. It was unavoidable. So after Kokomansion, I tried out my other passion – acting for a few months but found myself writing down fashion ideas and realized I had to work towards this dream and start from somewhere.

Talk me through your work. What does it entail?

My work entails being able to multi-task on the move and on-the- go. I am a Creative Director, Creative Consultant, Content Creator, Brand Specialist, fashion retailer and I have my own ready-to- wear clothing brand.

A typical day includes

Going to bed at 3am, waking up by 8am to check my to-do list, and get ready for the day for the new day.  Assign responsibilities to our staff and confirm meetings for the day. Ensure all stores are up and running, orders are being produced or heading out for delivery, check and update social media.

At BNStyle we don’t believe in failure – ‘you either win or you learn’*, can you tell us about some highlights and lowlights in your current career

Every experience has been a learning process for me. Failure or bad experiences is part of the creative process and that takes practice and practice means trial and error. I would say I have had more highlights than lowlights in the sense that these bad experiences taught me something and made me want to improve myself, which has kept me in the business so far. The quicker we figure out everything that doesn’t work, the sooner we can narrow down what does work.

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Do your thing, your way! They are ideas that you think for the universe probably destined to succeed, and then, there is the ideas that you do for just you. Do it! Do it at your favourite time, whenever you feel like, in the morning half awake, Do it freely, take notes, ask questions, whatever comes to your mind, absolutely no filter. Every, every, every day.

One thing the world doesn’t know about you

I am SUPER shy.

Your favourite person to work with/you have ever worked with and why?

The list is long. Mr Familusi Akin Babatunde, Mrs Pepper Okwesa-Chikezie and Mr Tajudeen Adepetu, but I would say Cindy Hudson and Affiong Williams – they are my secret weapons.

Failure or bad experiences is part of the creative process and that takes practice and practice means trial and error.

Tell Us About Your off-duty Style

It’s so off-duty. Pajamas in bed or as a traditional outerwear.

What You Wear To Feel Glamorous

Rich Silk

What major industry changes have affected your working life and what changes do you think will affect it in the next 3-5 years?

Social media has changed everything and would continue to be a major tool for brands and businesses. And because it’s [the] digital age, you have to make a consistent effort to use social media to sell your brand story, products or services. And that’s not changing anytime soon. I’m still adjusting to these changes.

Digital media, technology and globalisation play a major role in all our lives now, varying by degree from industry to industry. How do you a) rise to these challenges when the change is disruptive b) on professional and personal levels how have you leveraged these changes to improve your personal or professional brand.

By researching and finding ways to improve and keep up.

Tell us the best thing and worst thing about working in Nigeria

The best thing about working in Nigeria is you can be anything you want to be.

The worst thing about working in Nigeria or building a business here is nothing seems to work properly. You pay for something and you get a no.

Lastly, what are the most crucial factors anyone, wishing to build a successful career in fashion should know?

Have a relentless spirit and strive harder.

Be resilient in the face of failure and persevere longer.

Understand that creativity is a choice “to be more creative, the first step is to decide you

want to make it happen.” Stop procrastinating and get to work. Action always precedes great creative work.

Do you enjoy your work? What challenges have you found along the way? Share your story with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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