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It’s that time of the year again – Detty December as I like to call it. It’s “party hard” season and that means it’s time to dress up, celebrate and make great memories. They’ll be an array of events, from exclusive cocktail parties to music concerts to beach parties and the inevitable office Christmas party.

Dressing up for these various events shouldn’t be a big deal if you’ve got the right advice and inspiration. Here, I’ll be sharing a few outfit ideas on what to wear for different occasions this December.

So let’s get right into it.


First off, Cocktails are exclusive events and it is advisable to look choose a color palette and build your whole look from there for a classy finish. This automatically gives you a direction for your outfit even when there’s a colour or dress code.

For instance, you either go for a bright color to contrast the colorful scenery (pink, rich purple, yellow, lavender, florals e.t.c) or you can also opt for bold, sophisticated and darker hues (black, midnight blue, burgundy e.t.c) Now let’s talk patterns and textures – it’s okay to play with sequins, florals, or damask –  just make sure it fits into your set colour palette.


Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year when work officially comes to a close and there’s a celebration for the year also known as the end of the year party. Here are some little things you need to know as you head from the desk to the dance floor with an intention of stealing the show with a minimal look yet edgy and classy, making you look bold, elegant and festive.

If it is a formal party, consider a suit but make it fashion; What better way to transition from day to night than with a statement suit – either in a brighter cololur or with prints. You could simply swap your 9-5 shirt for a round neck tee.

For something less formal, a classic white or black shirt is a great option. Side note; a crisp shirt is an ultimate wardrobe piece, and can be worn over and over again with different jackets, shoes, and accessories. Make sure to invest in one that is flattering to your body shape.

That being said, time for the shoes! This is another part every man shouldn’t neglect – when it comes to footwear never go for substandard shoes. White sneakers are a good option to make your look less formal or be party-ready in shoes with glitter, or loafers with fur.

Lastly, opt for some eye-catching accessories; simply adding a color pop can help you take your daytime look into an evening one in a matter of minutes. Steal the scene with a fanny pack or a neck bag that pops up or eye-catching vintage eyewear.

Music Concerts

There are so many concerts this season and dressing up shouldn’t be an issue. It’s best to show up in minimal and breathable pieces but still keep things very much fashionable.

First off, keep your tuxedos at home! If you must wear a jacket at all, opt for lightweight bomber jackets accompanied with a nice fedora hat to upgrade your whole outfit if you want to. Choose a loose fit shirt; choose a buttoned-down shirt, something basically breathable, colourful and stylish.

Next, pay more attention to your pants;  From florals to stripes – have fun with patterns and prints. Lastly, Your shoes are quite important here; opt for comfy sneakers or mules depending on which depicts your style and you’re comfortable with.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a two-piece set – more style and more comfort guaranteed.


Now you’re all ready to have fun and look stylish doing it!

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