It’s the most glamourous time of the year – sparkly decorations, beautiful gifts and ofcourse over the top dresses!

With all of the festivities around this season, the last thing you need to worry about is your hair.

So to make this holiday even more glamourous, we rounded some of the prettiest, picture-worthy hairstyles that can actually last through the holidays.

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Fabulous Updos

Updos and ponytails ruled 2019. The classic style has been recreated in so many ways that every hair texture can achieve the look – either using natural hair to create something simple or using extensions/weaves to slay the style. This Christmas is your chance to experiment!

Colour Me Pretty

Nothing says ready for a new year like changing the colour of your hair! From hairspray highlights and hair dyes to coloured braids and extensions – there are so many ways to add some colour to your look this holiday.

Full Hair Don’t Care

Like Nakawunde you can rock your natural tresses full and proud or you can achieve the big bold style with an Afro wig/weave just like Joy Kendi – whichever you choose to do make sure rock the look with confidence, because you’ll surely be turning heads.

Protective & Glamorous

Want to keep your hair protected through this season’s weather? There are so many protective styles and options for the holidays – from crotchet to Fulani inspired braids

What hairstyle would you be trying out this season?