Powerhouse vocalist, singer-songwriter and actor Seyi Shay is the latest star to grace BLANCK Magazine‘s new cover.


She goes into full disclosure as she breakdown her pregnancy journey, her partner and their relationship. Plus, Her latest album Big Girl, her music career, industry feuds and more. Giving exceptional insights into her life’s journey; from navigating the ups and downs of her career to advancing towards self-acceptance and personal joy, the multi-award-winning singer in this latest feature, tells a very human story of a woman who has come into her own, embodying the burden of responsibility and growth.

On the cover, the Gimme Love hit-maker is glistening in a dazzling off-white robe, styling courtesy of Zed Eye and sleek golden rings. Her makeup consisted of polished nude tones and a gorgeous wispy bun.


Concerning her growth and Journey, she is grateful as she states:

I’m grateful for how far I’ve come, and I know I’m still on a journey, so, if this is just the middle, I’m grateful for the journey and looking forward to the future. I’m happy that I’m still progressing. 

Knowing and being yourself are essential components of growth. I am a grown and sexy woman with lots of experience. I have embraced my vulnerabilities and I’m owning them.

As of press time, Seyi Shay delivered a beautiful baby girl. Huge congratulations are in order for the gorgeous cover star and new yummy mummy.

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Interview: @fasindi
Photography: @mikeyoshai
Hair: @tgoldhair
MUA: @adella_makeup
Styling: @zed_eye_