Digital content creator, beauty entrepreneur and influencer Mihlali Ndamase is the first cover girl for South African lifestyle magazine Nounouche.


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In this issue, Mihlali opens up about her plans to continue empowering young women and open up the industry through her beauty app Malakyt. She also shares what kept her going during the time of heightened social media visibility and the social media bullying that came with that.

For the cover photo, Mihlali is rocking a black leather top. Her beauty look is the main attraction, featuring bold lashes, perfectly defined brows, glossy pink lips, straight black hair and no jewellery.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

On people’s opinion about her

People will always have something to say and that is fine, I am very strong and I normally never pay attention to social media noise. However, I cried for the first time recently, I was overwhelmed. I am human, certain things will get to me. I found myself questioning the intentions and motives of people close to me. I felt let down. It hurts when you feel like you are being betrayed by those you trust.

On how gatekeeping stunts the creative industry

We want this industry (digital creation) to be credible. We want people to see this as a career path. The more people are doing it, the more seriously it will be taken.

On tackling social media bullying

There’s a lot of vulnerability that goes into putting yourself out there. A lot of content creators have gone through mental health issues. People can be horrible and nasty online.

You could be going through something and still have to work because you are a public figure. A comment can be so shallow and they don’t know what it is tapping into. It’s important for people to go through quiet seasons to nurture themselves, have great support systems and use therapy as a coping tool as well.

Read the full issue here.


Cover story: @mane_mpi & Sibongile Gangxa
Editor-in-Chief: Bonnie Meslane @sisboniswa
Managing Editor: @avampambo
Photographer: @katlegomokubyane
Creative Director: Lesego Kgosimolao @advicebykgosilesego
Wardrobe styling: @advicebykgosilesego
Styling Assistants: @bokangbatloung and @mic_themost
Hair: @thesanhair
Makeup: @bk_makeupartist