In the summer of 2023, the fashion industry witnessed the birth of River & Mara, an innovative African-inspired fashion brand co-founded by Abiola and Tamara.

Based in the UK, this brand has distinguished itself by seamlessly blending African heritage with contemporary fashion.

River & Mara’s ethos revolves around celebrating and promoting the richness of African culture globally through their exquisitely handcrafted fashion pieces and the stories they embody.

Tamara, with her profound passion for fashion and a background in business, has previously honed her skills working with various fashion brands.

Her dream of starting a fashion brand that breathes life into African-inspired clothing has come to fruition with River & Mara.

Abiola, bringing a fresh perspective with his expertise in information technology and a deep-seated love for fashion, complements this vision.

The uniqueness of River & Mara lies in its ability to fuse traditional African prints with modern designs, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of African culture.

This family-owned business is not only about creating fashion but also about offering a fantastic customer experience, a vision fuelled by Abiola’s background in technology.

Operating as an online retailer, River & Mara has established a customer base that appreciates the artistry and story behind each piece. Their website,, is a testament to their commitment to quality and cultural preservation.

The brand’s production is rooted in Nigeria, leveraging local craftsmanship, while its operational base in the UK allows for global outreach.

River & Mara is more than a clothing brand; it’s a cultural bridge. By exploring both the African continent and the African diaspora, the brand aims to unite communities and share stories unique to the African heritage. This approach not only supports local artisans but also plays a crucial role in preserving the cultural legacy of Africa.

The founders of River & Mara articulate their mission succinctly: “When you shop with River & Mara, you are not just purchasing an incredible piece of clothing; you are also supporting local artisans and helping to preserve the cultural heritage of Africa.” This statement encapsulates the essence of what River & Mara stands for – a brand that is as much about fashion as it is about cultural identity and heritage. For more about RIVER AND MARA FASHION BRAND CONTACT