Personal style is hard to define – nebulous and elusive mostly because it is by its very definition, subjective. As a good friend likes to say – she prefers to think of it as her ‘style alphabet’ which she can mix and match in order to create her own sentences – a visual language if you will. Some people are die hard minimalists, or maximalists. Others were die hard fans of everything bodycon and sexy and even more super conservative. We think its most important to pin down what speaks to you at any point in time and then go forth and experiment! Here are 5 tips and tricks that are key to nailing the look that is representative of your most stylish sartorial self.

Trust Your Instincts

No matter what – go with your gut. There will be misses of course, but largely trusting yourself and embracing what feels right is always a sure-fire way to looking and feeling amazing.

Find Your Vibe, Find Your Muse

This is probably the most daunting part of the process – most of us are such a mish mash of styles and inspiration it can be difficult to narrow down who your favourite style stars are or what ‘vibe’ you most identify with. Look at it as a process- start a  Pinterest board or Instagram Collection and save any looks you come across or on days where you feel super cute. Some days we feel more like Rihanna than Grace Kelly, more Bonang Matheba than Tumi Voster – and that’s completely okay. Constantly refine this collection, a pattern will eventually emerge and you’ll figure out who you are drawn to more often than not.

Identify Your Style Signature

Are you a sunglasses girl? Or are ballet flats your thing? Lisa Folawiyo has pattern clashing and her signature braids, Zara Odu has minimalist shirting, Toke Makinwa has her oversize sunglasses, and Ogo Offodile is fond of experimental silhouettes and statement print. Every stylish woman you can think of from time immemorial has a style signature – it could be an accessory, a preferred silhouette, it can even be as simple as a memorable pair of glasses.

Top: SS18 Collection, Skirt:

Take Note of Repeat Offenders

Take a look at your wardrobe- is there a colour, accessory or specific item that keeps coming up? Is your wardrobe full of athleisure? Or are you drawn to emerald hues? There’s a reason for this. Identify the pieces you gravitate towards and as long as these pieces fit well and work for your current style. They may even form part of your signature style staples! On the same note – are there pieces that don’t fit with the overall vibe – pieces you can’t fathom why you bought them in the first place? Note these down as well and start to clear them out!

Play to Your Strengths

What do you feel most comfortable in? Do you feel best in power suiting? Are you always getting compliments on your amazing shoes or accessory game? Wearing pieces that focus on your strengths will always look stylish. This also includes your beauty look by the way! So hone in on what makes you feel fabulous beauty-wise as well to identify your holistic aesthetic.

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